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Keep your cabinets looking fresh. From a beautiful wooden look to rich color, let Zoab Painting enhance the beauty of your home with our exceptional painting services. We'll give you that premium, homey feel you want for your home.

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Your cabinets have served you well, and now it’s time to give them the attention that they deserve. We can add a touch of personality to your cabinetry with our painting services. Choose from a wide range of color options, textures, and styles to fit your overall home design, or we can guide you on picking a custom color scheme and finishes.

From top to bottom, we will transform your cabinets to make them the centerpiece of your home. We have a variety of available finishes to choose from, and our professional painters will ensure that every nook and cranny will be painted with attention and care.

You don’t have to tolerate your cabinetry’s outdated look. At Zoab Painting, we will boost your cabinet’s beauty to match the aesthetic of your home.

Regardless of the room or style of cabinet, we will tackle it and make you coming back for more. Zoab Painting is the #1 Painting Contractor in Des Moines continuing to bring quality results to our customers and build the relationships along the way.

Give your kitchen a premium feel

The goal of our cabinet painting services is to make your cabinetry look its best. No matter the size or style, we can give your cabinetry a makeover that will bring your home to the next level. Here’s how we can help you.


Add a refreshing look

Make your cabinets perfectly suited for your home. We can paint your cabinets in a wide range of colors and finishes to give them a unique look. Whether you prefer a vintage feel, a more traditional style, or something more modern, we have you covered. We can also help you choose the right color for your cabinetry. Our professional painters will give you expert advice on the best color to use and give your cabinetry a seamless appeal that will blend right in with your interior.


Enhance your cabinetry's appeal

Your cabinetry may be a small part of your home, but it has a big impact on the overall look of your interior. It really affects the mood even when you don’t notice.

Let us paint your cabinets from a boring, old look to something that will make you want to show it off. Our painting services are designed to bring out the elegance of your cabinetry, giving them a stunning vibe that will surely brighten up your home. Or, we can give your cabinets a gorgeous, warm, and inviting look that will make your guests feel cozy and comfortable.


Cabinet painting that suits your needs

Our cabinet painting services are designed to help you achieve that perfect look for your cabinets. Whether you are looking to give your cabinets a unique look or just want to add a splash of color to your home, we can help you achieve the style you want.

At Zoab Painting, we will take the time to understand your specific needs and requirements. We will work with you to ensure that your cabinetry will seamlessly blend with the style of your home.

Your cabinets are one of the most important elements of your interior. They serve as a functional part of every room in your home. That’s why we ensure that our painting will last with everyday use.


Kitchens, bathrooms, & more

Our painting services cover every room in your home. Whether you are looking to enhance the look of your bathroom, kitchen, or any other, we can transform your cabinetry that will make your room look better.

We know that every project is different, and that’s why we make sure that our project is unique and tailored to your requirements. At Zoab Painting, we have the perfect solution for your interior painting needs. Our friendly staff will work with you so you’ll have a perfect experience that will leave you satisfied.

Let us enhance the beauty of your home and make it look as good as new.

Cabinet painting that's easy on the wallet

You don’t have to put a big dent in your pocket when you want beautiful cabinetry. With our affordable Patterson painting services, there’s no need to spend a lot of money just to achieve the feel that you want for your home.

Before we start your project, we always give a detailed estimate for you to decide if we are the right person to paint your cabinets. We will also provide a written quotation to help you understand how much it will cost. This way, there will never be no surprises and you’ll know exactly how much you will spend on your cabinet painting project.

Achieve the perfect look for your cabinets

Here at Zoab Painting, we don’t sacrifice on quality. We are committed to giving a top notch cabinet painting service at the best price, so you’ll know that you are getting value for your money. With us, you can be confident that every penny you spend will be worth it.

With our cabinet painting services, you can rest easy knowing that your cabinets will be in the best shape. We have the skills and the experience to meet all your painting needs, and that’s why we are proud to say that we are the most trusted painting company in Patterson. No one can beat the best service and exceptional customer experience we provide at an affordable price.

Exterior Painting

Protect your house while adding curb appeal through our professional exterior painting service.

Residential Painting

We're here to help you maintain the integrity and beauty of your home. We'll paint it right the way.

Interior Painting

Refinishing cabinets is a fantastic way to add a new look and feel to your kitchen or bathroom.

Quality without compromise

Zoab Painting is a local company in Des Moines, Iowa, that offers residential painting services. We specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, and cabinet painting to make your home look its best. Every home we paint is always treated with respect, and we serve our customers with professionalism and courtesy. Our professional painters always complete the job in a timely manner while delivering quality results. With Zoab Painting, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the work we do.

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